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Mon Jan 19 14:59:13 CST 2009

International Dosimetry and Records Users’ Symposium 2009
Sponsored by Landauer, Inc. and Stanford Dosimetry, LLC
*** Call for Papers ***

Dates: June 1 – 4, 2009
Location: To Be Announced
Meeting website: – coming soon!

Planning is underway – the 2009 meeting Task Force is finalizing
negotiations for the Symposium location along with this year’s agenda.  The
new Symposium format introduced last year was so well received; we are going
to follow the same this year – 3 days for general session with the 4th day,
Thursday, titled “Spotlight Sessions”.  This day consists of focused
breakout sessions offered on a first come, first serve basis.

A preliminary agenda has been outlined; however, as we proceed, you once
again have the opportunity to contribute.  Please consider sharing your
experiences and interesting insights by presenting these to your peers and
fellow professionals.  Again, we want to hear about your issues and
resolutions in the dosimetry community.  If you have a topic applicable to
the agenda overview that you would like to present, or have a suggestion for
a speaker, please send an abstract or brief overview to one of the Task
Force members by February 16, 2009

Monday – Wednesday Symposium Agenda Topics:
   • Field Incidents – internal dosimetry (effluents, whole body counting),
issues and resolutions, outsourcing, neutron dosimetry, environmental
   • Dosimetry processing techniques – outage vs. routine dosimetry,
background subtraction, neutron correction factors 
   • Regulatory issues – DOE, NRC, INPO, ANI
   • Secondary dosimetry – comparisons to dose of record, response issues,
new technology, intercomparisons
   • Dosimetry records

Thursday – Spotlight Sessions:  
   • Records (Isabelle McCabe)
   • InLight/microStar Users (Landauer)
   • Back to Basics (Stanford Dosimetry)
   • Doc’s Dosimetry Users (Doc Grossen)
Space is limited for these breakout sessions.Space is limited for these
breakout sessions.

Please note registration will remain the same as last year:	
  Attendee  $350
  Guest     $150
  Vendors   $750

See you in June! 

2009 International Dosimetry and Records Users’ Symposium Task Force:
Inid Deneau (ideneau at landauerinc.com )
Neill Stanford (stanford at stanforddosimetry.com )
Isabelle McCabe (immccabe at radsafety.com )
Rick Cadogan (rcadogan at anl.gov )

Neill Stanford, CHP
Stanford Dosimetry
stanford at stanforddosimetry.com
360 733-7367 (v)
360 933-1794 (f) <<<< New as of Aug 22, 2008
360 770-7778 (cell)

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