[ RadSafe ] RSO Position - Mining

tom.odou at unlv.edu tom.odou at unlv.edu
Thu Jan 22 11:48:54 CST 2009

I am posting this at the request of Toni Burns, Human Resources 
Representative, Molycorp Minerals, LLC.   Since I just got it yesterday, 
the closing date is not applicable but they want to fill the job ASAP.  If 
you have questions, please call Toni - not me (posting attached). 

From: Toni Burns 
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 3:28 PM

Good afternoon everyone! 
Please see attached posting for our RSO position.  Don’t hesitate to call 
if you have any questions and thanks for all of your help! 
Toni Burns, Human Resources Representative 
Molycorp Minerals, LLC 
Tel: (760) 856-6603 
Cell: (702) 378-6804 
Fax: (760) 990-5913 


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