[ RadSafe ] Skyshine

Joel C. cehn at aol.com
Wed Jul 1 22:38:28 CDT 2009

My only experience with skyshine is from a BWR turbine (N-16) many years ago.? Here's what I need help on today:
I have a hot cell with thin roof shielding.? Dose rates above the roof are 100x higher than?outside the walls.? Lots of pipes, chillers,?and ducts?on the roof, so this is more than "sky" shine.? Photon energies are around 1 Mev.??I'm beginning to think?there's significant scattering from the roof?contributing to the chest-high dose rate.? Anyone have experience with this geometry?

Joel I. Cehn, CHP
Oakland, California
joelc at alum.wpi.edu

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