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Richard D. Urban Jr. radmax at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 10 16:53:55 CDT 2009

I rarely agree with Franz OPINIONS, but I am with him on this one... This took me an hour between multiple online translators, my wife's family and 3 yrs High School German, and what I remember from living there for 3 years (30 years ago)... it is written very poorly, with what I would term slang or just typical uneducated mispellings (LOW German).  What follows is more or less a correct literal english translation, not a strict translation...

"Where did we learn of this in the first place, why did the USA start what today is called reprocessing or remanufacturing?  Right the Pu separation to bomb Nagasaki. Thats the point.

And thus it is also possible even today.  One can nowhere produce Pu except in a reactor, and one can get it out only with "reprocessing", so far as I know.  In addition, the 'reprocessing' is associated with a lot of biological acid wastes."

The final send off basically says rudely 'STAY RETIRED' 

Franz, according to the header and message, the sender is a Marco C. Baehler, sent thru a Swiss internet service provider

Richard Urban
Yuma, AZ

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