[ RadSafe ] doses lower than xy ,rounding procedures ?

marco bähler m.c.baehler at bluewin.ch
Sat Jul 18 10:41:27 CDT 2009

upon request here more details:

  the 2008  report of the swiss inspectorate for nuclear safety   
(ENSI)  :
http://www.ensi.ch/uploads/media/strabe08d.pdf   (page 7)

  "measured doses are rounded in steps of 0,1mSv. In the lowest range  
(smaller 0,1mSv),
doses below 0,0075mSv are rounded to zero.
doses between 0,0075 and 0,1 are rounded to 0,1 mSv"          free  
translation from original below, no timespan is mentioned.
ENSI Strahlenschutzbericht 2008

...Die Messwerte werden gemäss den international üblichen  
Rundungsregeln in 0,1 mSv-Schritten gerundet. Ferner werden im  
untersten Dosisbereich (kleiner als 0,1 mSv) Messwerte unterhalb von  
0,0075 mSv auf 0 gerundet. Messwerte zwischen 0,0075 und 0,1 mSv  
werden auf 0,1 mSv gerundet....

since input came sparsely (thankyou anyway barbara) I searched for  
answers myself. today I found a document which uses different  
                             swiss federal recommendation how to  
round doses:

  ksr-cpr/04320/04356   (24.1.2004)

a) Die Messwerte sind von den Personendosimetriestellen nach Abzug  
des Untergrundes gemäss den international üblichen Rundungsregeln in  
0,1 mSv-Schritten zu runden.

b) Davon abweichend sind im untersten Dosisbereich (<0,1 mSv)  
Messwerte unterhalb 0,075 mSv auf 0 abzurunden,  Messwerte von 0,075  
mSv und höher auf 0,1mSv aufzurunden.

it says roughly the same but the recommendation advices to round to  
zero below a treshold of  75microSievert. and here in this document a  
time frame appears : they talk about monthly  readouts.

since it was stated that this rounding procedure is a common  
international procedure I just asked the humble question how the  
rounding is actually handled elsewhere.

barbara wrote, in past times even negative doses were rounded!

I have used different dosimeters (filmbadges, pentype, gm-type, and  
diode type). never ever encountered negative doses and I await the  
day we can go and get them: maybe in a fairytale future with  
hormesis- wellness- radiation-institutions; powered with nice clean  
fusors or breeders?


health physics diploma: euratom 5B.  utrecht, june1th 2004. grade 9  
(max 10).  Expert Dr Wiersma

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