[ RadSafe ] Exempt Quantity source shipments

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Thu Jul 23 12:57:14 CDT 2009

Hold on Dan. I too talked with Larry about this, and he is of course the one 
to ask about shipping regs. The next question is: Who are you shipping it 
to, and do you have a materials license to transfer radioactive materials? 
It is not enough that the material is of exempt quantity, you MUST be 
licensed to transfer even exempt quantity, but not to receive it.

There are also limits as to how many eqempt quantities may be shipped in a 
single package (10).

George Dowell

Dan Said>
"There were over 25 postings and several sideboards on this thread and I can
now proceed with the shipment!  Although I've had my radioactive materials /
safety training at the University of New Mexico several years ago, my need
to transport hazardous / radioactive materials is only occasional.

I'll be sure to keep the calculations, regulations and explanatory letters
in the case with the sources in the event that it is challenged at the


Dan ii

Dan W McCarn, Geologist
8, Le Buisson Sainte Anne
78860 Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche "

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