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Bill and John,

Maybe I'm missing something. Help me understand why I'm wrong. If I apply to build a 
reactor for medical isotopes (or any other purpose) anywhere in North America, I imagine 
that an organized and rather nasty effort will be mounted to prevent or delay that reactor from 
ever being approved.  If approved, the effort will shift to preventing or delaying construction.  
If constructed, the effort will shift to preventing or delaying the reactor from ever coming on 
line.  At every step of the way, any and every tactic that might make the reactor more 
expensive to finish and operate will be used against me.  At every step of the way, I will be 
working against the considerable momentum of 40+ years of propaganda.

That's just history.  That's the main reason why we don't have more reactors, more advanced 
reactor technology, and more nuclear power.  More to the point, that is the main reason why 
we don't have at least two or three other reactors on the continent that can produce medical 
isotopes.  The folks who accomplished all this now call themselves Greens.

That is my line of reasoning.  I've got an open mind, so let me know how I am mistaken.  
Please note that my argument does not rely on any recent action by Greens - the last 40 
years or so are more than enough anti-nuclear activism to produce the current situation.  I 
understand that Greens do not gloat over the medical problems they have created, but to me 
this sudden reticence is like the bus passenger who earnestly wishes that nobody will get 
hurt, after the fool climbs over the seat, grabs the wheel, and steers your bus off the cliff.

-Gary Isenhower

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I also "live in the country where this is going on" and agree with

Hi Bill! I hope all is well at McMaster.

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