[ RadSafe ] RE: Cs-137 in wood pellets

Johansen, Kjell Kjell.Johansen at nexteraenergy.com
Mon Jun 15 15:06:24 CDT 2009

Stewart Faber's included results from areas outside the NE United States.  I contributed ashes from Wisconsin and upper Michigan.  Based on data gathered by the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab in Ann Arbor, Mi, the time integrated and decay corrected Cs-137 deposition around Lake Michigan, in 1978, was around 9 pCi/cm2  or 0.3 Bq/cm2 .  Our REMP still finds slightly elevated Cs-137 level in camp grounds where trees from the 60s are being burned in camp fires and the ashes are spread around the ground to fertilize the natural vegetation.

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