[ RadSafe ] Youth Rights Activist calls for evatuation of large areas of Southern California

Richard D. Urban Jr. radmax at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 24 23:41:10 CDT 2009

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station will be starting their Unit 2 'Steam Generator Replacement (and refeuling) Outage starting around Sept.  The plan the last I heard was (basically) cutting a hole in the containment wall, cut out and remove the old SG's, weld in new ones, seal up the hole in containment and refuel the reactor.  Hardly anything experimental (at least 35 SG Replacement's of the same type have been performed), nothing out of the ordinary radioactively, and no more dangerous than standard large scale construction techniques, just the extremely SMALL chance of some LOCALLY spread contamination.  

The ONLY thing different with SONGS vs. any other SGR is that this will be the first time Containment Tendons (of this type) will be removed... I believe testing of the process has already been done successfully, and of course containment integrity will be ensured prior to the NRC allowing startup.  That and the small confines of the SONGS site makes things just a little tighter...

I know Eric Goldin will probably expound on this, that is if he's not too busy with the outage preps ;-)


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>What is this experimental, allegedly dangerous and radioactive procedure at
>San Onofre supposed to be - the writer of the following is a very prolific
>activst.  I am sure that this supposed procedure could not kill children,
>Roger Helbig
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>NYRA-OC has adopted a resolution calling for the mass evacuation of Orange
>County and portions of Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and San
>Bernardino Counties
>prior to and during a planned experimental, dangerous and radioactive
>procedure at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), scheduled for
>September, 2009,
>that could kill children and cause severe reproductive damage to
>individuals of child bearing age.  The failure of authorities to stop the
>procedure or to prepare to evacuate
>the danger zone is evidence of a complete disregard by elected officials
>for the lives of young Americans.
>Urge Attorney General Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr., to seek an injunction to
>stop this potentially catastrophic experiment and to save lives.
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