SV: [ RadSafe ] Nuke plants hike cancer risk: report

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Thu Jun 25 01:09:40 CDT 2009

>From the mentioned report:

"But in Canada, one of the 15 countries studied, reactor workers were 7.65 times more likely to die from all causes of cancer compared to non-employees, said the report."

The Wikipedia top 5 list of death causes for humans (

Cause						Percent 
1 Cardiovascular diseases		29.34
2 Infectious and parasitic diseases	19.12
3 Ischemic heart disease		12.64
4 Malignant neoplasms (cancers)	12.49
5 Cerebrovascular disease (Stroke)	 9.66

12.5% of all deaths from cancer, if we accept the Wikipedia numbers, then multiply with 7.65 for the "reactor workers" (what is that, anyway) makes 95.6%. So, less than one in 20 Canadian reactor workers does NOT die from cancer?!

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