[ RadSafe ] DOE Order 5400.5 - Identification of Recipient Requirement

Redmond, Randy (RXQ) redmondrr at y12.doe.gov
Wed Mar 11 09:07:55 CDT 2009

First of all, thanks to those who responded to my inquiring about including the error of the measurement when comparing the measurement to the critical level.

This inquiry is primarily for DOE sites/contractors.  DOE Order 5400.5 Chapter II.5.c(5) RECORDS includes a requirement (f) to identify the recipient of released material.  If you have ever worked at a DOE site, you can understand that this is not an easy task in the majority of cases.

The short version -  Material is surveyed and then transferred to a property management facility/area where it is sold to the public.  Many times, the material is in lots.  The individual purchasing the material/lot is identified/recorded at the time of sale by the property management personnel - we have used this to show/demonstrate that we meet the 5400.5 requirement.  However, as things go, we were recently written up for failing to identify the recipient of the released material on our survey documentation.

How are you meeting/demonstrating that you this requirement?

Thank you,

Randy Redmond
B&W Y-12

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