[ RadSafe ] Special request: U-233 decay daughters used in nuclear medicine

Jaro jaro-10kbq at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 13 17:34:14 CDT 2009

Dear Radsafers,

This is a request on behalf of a friend, who is looking for links or
references to actual clinical studies involving the application of daughter
products of U-233 used in nuclear medicine (oncology).

He has already found a few good ones, but more would be greatly appreciated.

The point of this exercise is to "save" the UNIQUE stock of U-233 currently
located at Oak Ridge, TN, from being "denatured" and buried as low-level
radioactive waste.
The other major potential application of U-233, besides medicine, is of
course the development of future nuclear reactors.

Here is the original request posted on the "energyfromthorium" forum (link

Kirk Sorensen
Post subject: Re: Save the Uranium-233!
Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 5:48 pm

If anyone really wants to help save the U-233, please post here anything you
can find on the medical applications of the daughter products of U-233 that
are being considered for cancer treatments. Links or references to actual
clinical studies would be the very best thing of all. I need it within the
next day or two.<end quote>


Thanks very much.


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