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You asked for a POC. Can you narrow down your question somewhat?


POC	Point Of Contact
POC	Particulate Organic Carbon
POC	Port Of Call
POC	Piece Of Cake
POC	Paid Outside of Closing (real estate)
POC	Pile Of Crap
POC	Proof Of Concept
POC	People of Color
POC	Point of Care
POC	Point of Care (healthcare industry)
PoC	Push to Talk Over Cellular (cellular telephony)
POC	Postal Operations Council (Universal Postal Union)
POC	Pirates of the Caribbean (movie)
POC	Plan of Care
POC	Philippine Olympic Committee
POC	Proof of Claim (insurance industry)
POC	Plan of Correction
POC	Person of Color
POC	Percentage-Of-Completion
POC	Ports of Call (computer game)
POC	Policy Oversight Committee
POC	Physical Optics Corporation
POC	Professional Officer Course
POC	Physical Organic Chemistry
POC	Piece of Crap
POC	Plano Oficial de Contabilidade (Portuguese: Accountancy Official
POC	Point of Compliance
POC	Proceeds of Crime (Canadian legal term)
POC	Prisoner of Conscience
POC	Power Converter
POC	Purchase Order Change (EDI)
POC	Paid on Call (firefighting)
POC	Payload Operations Center
POC	Passion of the Christ (movie)
POC	Privately Owned Conveyance
POC	Pen of Chaos (French website)
POC	Pakistan Origin Card
POC	Product of Conception (genetics testing)
POC	Porsche Owners Club
POC	Personnel Operations Center
POC	Portable Object Compiler
POC	Point of Commencement (legal description)
POC	Point of Call
POC	Pump Off Control
POC	Probability of Causation
POC	Psychological Operations Company
POC	Pollutant of Concern
POC	Pulse Of Capitalism
POC	Petty Officer Cadet
POC	Point on Curve (surveying)
POC	Polar Cod (FAO species name code )
POC	Proof of Closure (switch for a valve or acuator)
POC	Product of Combustion
POC	Platoon Operations Center
POC	Position of Comfort
POC	Production Office Coordinator (film and television industry)
POC	Potential Officers Course (UK)
POC	Parole Outpatient Clinic
POC	Personal Oxygen Concentrator
POC	Performance Objectives and Criteria
POC	Parents of Ostomy Children
POC	Precursor Organic Compound
POC	Person On Call
POC	Processor Outage Control (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
POC	Pissed Off Customer
POC	Peace Observation Commission (UN)
POC	Preliminary Operational Capability
POC	Metal Powder Cutting (welding)
POC	Point of Concept
POC	Pu`u `O`o Cone (Hawai'i)
POC	Proyectos de Obra Civil (Spanish)
POC	Port of Convenience
POC	Posterior Circulation Syndrome (medical)
POC	Pissed Off Chick
POC	Preliminary Operational Concept
POC	Person on Cocaine
POC	Professional Officer Candidate
POC	Paxson Oil Company
POC	Project Overview Committee
POC	Power of Connecting
POC	Project Officer Coordinator (FEMA)
POC	Parent of Child
POC	Percent of Original Charge
POC	Property of Canada
POC	Pulmonary Opacity Code
POC	Public Operators Code
POC	Procurement Order Cycle
POC	Pack of Chihuahuas (band)
POC	Parameter Order Change
POC	Pentecostals of Cary (Cary, NC)

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Does anyone have a POC fo the Island of St. Thomas?

Luke McCormick

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