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Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 22 02:21:43 CDT 2009

Today there is one of these many polls we have seen about attitudes to nuclear power during the last decades.

This time it is sensational newspaper no. 1, Aftonbladet:



Q: Do you think that nuclear power should be phased out?


The answers at this time of writing:


8.7 %: Yes, immediately.

35.8 %: Yes, when there are better alternatives.

55.8 %: No.


Depending on the exact formulation of the question, Swedes have in general

been strongly in favor of nuclear power over the past 15 years. Sometimes

more than 80 % have indicated a positive attitude to nuclear power.


The above may indicate a weakened position but at least to factors should

be taken into account for an interpretation:

1/ This reflects those visiting this particular website.

2/ Swedish media and anti-nuclear people have been particularly active

in our media over the past year or so - not just with the waste issue.


Our anti-nuke people are running a special campaign this year because it is

30 years since the TMI event and 29 years since we had a national referendum

relating to whether we should phase out nuclear power or not (the year given

was 2010 - today we have 10 nuclear reactors running (3 PWRs, 7 BWRs) and

two BWRs shut down for political reasons (these cannot be restarted).


The controversy here seems quite dominated by two issues: 1. Activity in our

media against uranium exploration and potential mining in Sweden. 2. Controversies

relating to an ambition to largely expand wind power which creates various

reasons for opposition and conflicts of interest.


It is in this context my recent question relating to plutonium should be seen.

The anti-activists are of course happy if they can make radiation as scary as possible.


As I am quite sure that some other Swedes may read this - I encourage them

as well as others to make further comments that may modify the above.


My personal initiative only,


Bjorn Cedervall      bcradsafers at hotmail.com


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