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You must be kidding when stating that the Chernobyl accident was a case of
"loss of coolant flow". According to your "expert" statement, obviously tens
of thousands of real experts must have been wrong, as all reports on this
accident must have been. (Again I have to strengthen that I have been
heavily involved in the consequences of the Chernobyl accident on Austria -
which includes also a certain background on the causes.) 

Of course I am not so thorougly knowledgable about TMI and I do not really
understand what "loss of heat sink" means, but I was rather of the opinion,
that the main problem there was a lack of coolant water, which I would
understand as a "heat sink". 

You have some time ago written, that fallout from a nuclear weapon is
negligible, you have on RADSAFE talked down to me, who had been the head of
the Terrestrial Working Group on the Mururoa Project of the IAEA like to a
first year student about the French weapon programme on that atoll. 

Therefore I have severe doubts on the reliability of what you write. Of
course the IFR seems interesting and I will check it.  

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         And then there's a project that I was part of -- the IFR 
(Integral Fast Reactor).  For those who don't know, the IFR is a 
metal-fueled fast reactor coupled with pyroprocessing to recycle the 
fuel, and it has the potential to do the following:........

--  Be passively safe against the two most worrisome "accident 
initiators": loss of heat sink (TMI) and loss of coolant flow (Chernobyl).

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