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Roger, I have read what you forwarded. There is not much to comment on the
article - it is the same rubbish we hear and read since many decades about
nuclear power and anything radioactive. 

Please note, that at anniversaries massmedia are usually full with
"critical" comments by "independent scientists". (So was the case in Europe
at the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, at the 15th, at the 10th,
at the fifth and earlier almost every year.) 

You must have noticed the names "Sternglass", "Gould" and "Mangano" (some of
the worst in the radioactivity field) in this unbelievable nonsense. Does
this not ring a 5 000 ton bell????

Since those people will never accept a sound scientific argument, it does
not make any sense to argue with them - it is a waste of time.

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How much of this article is true and how much is fiction?   Does The
Free Press at have a reputation for factual
reporting or for making up stories?  Does Harvey Wasserman have a
reputation for telling the truth or spinning tall tales.  A link to
this article was posted to the Yahoo Group NoMoreDU today.

Harvey Wasserman

Data unearthed by radiologist Dr. Ernest Sternglass of the University
of Pittsburgh, and statisticians Jay Gould (now deceased) and Joe
Mangano of New York have led to strong assertions of major public
health impacts. On-going work by Sternglass and Mangano clearly
indicates that "normal" reactor radiation releases of far less
magnitude that those at TMI continue to have catastrophic impacts on
local populations.


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