[ RadSafe ] Transportation of Radioactive Animals

Baumbaugh, Joel T CIV SPAWAR SSC PAC, 55430 joel.baumbaugh at navy.mil
Mon May 4 14:47:40 CDT 2009

Ah, another one of those "gray" areas.  Please share any pertinent
responses you receive on this Jay.  I've had a lot of mixed and
conflicting answers from both Federal, State and Local regulatory
agencies.  It "may" come down to whether they're "human-use"
radioisotopes or not, but I'd like to see chapter and verse quoted one
way or another.

... Joel Baumbaugh

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Are there any rules and regulations about transportation of radioactive
animals (mainly from imaging studies) on public roads.  We typically do
this between buildings without going on the public roads.  A new
facility is being built which may required the transport of radioactive
animals on public roads a short distance of a mile or so.

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