[ RadSafe ] GM Tube Resource (fly by etc)

Mark Ramsay mark.ramsay at ionactive.co.uk
Sat May 9 01:32:29 CDT 2009

Morning All.


Just thought I would note that we have some new resource playing on the
website on GM Tube based monitors (e.g. flying through the tube etc


The GM resource can be directly seen here:




The complete set of resource currently shown can be seen at the
following page:




Resource currently includes:


1. Demo: Electron Positron Annihilation duration: 10 seconds

2. The production of X-rays duration: 3.5 minutes

3. Radiation Shielding duration: 2.5 minutes

4. The Inverse Square Law & Protection by Distance duration: 2 Minutes

5. External & Internal Radiation Hazards duration: 75 seconds (she has a
nice nose.......!)

6. The Linear Accelerator (LINAC) duration: 11 minutes

7. Photon Scattering duration: 6m 9s

8. The Geiger-Mueller (GM) Tube Radiation Monitor duration: 8 min


For those that do not like windows media (and some have emailed me..) -
a new interface is on its way soon.


Many of you will know all this stuff - but you might know someone who
would benefit from playing the material.







Mark Ramsay

Radiation Protection Adviser


Ionactive Consulting Limited





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