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Mark Ramsay mark.ramsay at ionactive.co.uk
Tue May 12 05:49:39 CDT 2009

Dear All


Firstly thanks to all that were helpful and emailed me regarding
radiation protection procedures in Las Vegas. This was all sorted and I
got to speak to the local regulator in that region who was very helpful


Moving on, I have a similar query that the community might be able to
help me with. I have a client that will be using a 'Niton Type Device'
(x-ray XRF gun) in Dubai (Trade Show). Would anyone be able to put me in
touch with a contact you can assist in dealing with any regulatory
issues? I am aware of how this works in some regions (e.g. Qatar) but
have not had an opportunity to work directly with the authorities in
Dubai (UAE).







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