[ RadSafe ] [Radsafe] small question on steel contamination

Nick Tsurikov nick.tsurikov at gmail.com
Thu May 14 05:10:04 CDT 2009

Greetings from Australia!
I wonder if someone could let me know, nothing to do with my work, I'm just
We do remember steel contaminated by cobalt-60 (lift buttons, etc).  I had a
look and all suggestions for steel screening include very complicated and
expensive systems, with 'exploranium identifier' being probably the
I do understand that to 'get the picture' with which radioisotope the steel
is contaminated one needs sophisticated equipment.  But...  would we be able
to detect the 'general' increase in gamma radiation with something much more
simple (like RadAlert or a simple Ludlum) and, if the difference is detected
- continue with more complex equipment?
Kind regards
Nick Tsurikov
Eneabba, Western Australia

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