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Max, and All,
I was always under the impression that the RegGuide 1.86 surface
contamination "limits" were not really proportional to dose, but rather on
pragmatic contamination levels based on what could be readily detected with
survey instrumentation and the vague believe that alpha is more dangerous
than beta emitters.

Best regards,  Wes
Wesley R. Van Pelt, PhD, CIH, CHP 
Wesley R. Van Pelt Associates, Inc.  

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It is my understanding that the NRC in a document entitled "NMSS 
Handbook for Decommissioning Fuel Cycle and Material Licensees" it may 
be NUREG 1727 presents calculations of dose for the contamination limit 
values listed in regguide 1.86.  For example 5,000 dpm/100cm2 uranium 
equivalent to a dose of 13mrerm/year.  I cannot find the document.  
Could someone please direct me to the proper document and page? 

<>Max Scott
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