[ RadSafe ] Obama to name Reid ally as NRC chairman

Cary Renquist cary.renquist at ezag.com
Fri May 15 14:57:58 CDT 2009

Perhaps Jaczko will implement his "Python Pricinple" to limit the # of
approved designs... 

Apparently, he might not be a big fan of innovation/competitive designs.

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Edison Electric Institute - International Utility Conference
London, United Kingdom
March 10, 2008

	Right now, in the United States, the NRC is anticipating
applications for approximately 30 new reactors over the next several
years.  According to the estimates, this would be a small share of the
number of reactors the U.S. would need to maintain the 20 percent of
electricity share that nuclear currently produces.  About 50 new
reactors are projected to be needed over the next 30 years to do that,
so just maintaining that 20 percent would require tremendous investment.

The United States is focusing on possibly five new designs.  When I
first came to the Commission about three years ago, that number was
closer to three.  This reminds me of a funny scene from Monty Python's
"The Holy Grail," where the characters count to three, and three is the
number, and you don't want to go below three, you don't want to go above
three.  In my mind, I think that is a better number of different designs
for the United States to consider.  I think it is a more manageable
number.  It would provide the diversity of supply that is important,
without providing an unnecessary and inefficient number of reactor
designs to license and regulate.  So I think standardization is really
one of the key issues that we will have to deal with as we go forward.
Without that standardization, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission simply
does not have the resources to license and regulate a large number of
new reactors.  That is, I think, just a practical reality of where we
are today.  

In many ways, as I said, while I think the number of designs is a little
bit higher than I would like to see, I think there has been a good
recognition on the part of the industry that standardization is going to
be important.  So, what has developed is a set of working groups around
those designs.  And I think in many ways, vendors and applicants are
focusing their attention, and working together to ensure that their
applications are as uniform and consistent as possible.

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I think there is too much momentum now, as well as public support for
nuclear power, to impede progress going forward.


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