[ RadSafe ] Question on Subtracting TLD Background

Konzen, Kevin K Kevin.Konzen at icp.doe.gov
Thu May 28 09:31:03 CDT 2009



I have a question regarding the practice of subtracting beta-gamma
background dose from TLDs in general.  Our facility has multiple storage
board locations where TLDs are kept when not being worn.  When the TLDs
are gathered at a prescribed interval (e.g., monthly or quarterly) for
processing, the background TLDs located on each storage board, are also
processed and used for the TLD background which is subtracted from the
individual TLDs.  We are investigating the feasibility of using a
centralized TLD background location in order to reduce the labor and
costs associated with using multiple background locations.  I haven't
been able to find any clear guidance prescribing the specifics of
measuring the background, other than to subtract it from the TLDs during
processing.  As part of this analysis, I would like to include other
facility practices.  If you have any information on current specific
guidance or practices, please respond to me directly at
Kevin.Konzen at icp.doe.gov. 


Thank You,

Kevin Konzen, CHP

ICP Technical Advisor 

Kevin.Konzen at icp.doe.gov

(208) 745-7108



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