[ RadSafe ] More hazards from radiation

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May 29

         Rocky Flats is merely a dumb self-serving excuse.  The criminal in 
question has no moral scruples, no respect for private property, and is 
incapable of admitting that his problems lie within himself.  We live in a 
"blame everyone but myself" society, and this is merely another dreary 
manifestation of that fact.

Steven Dapra

At 10:11 PM 5/29/09 -0400, Edmond Baratta wrote:
>It seems to me that he has a problem that has nothing to do with 
>radiation. He lives in an elevated (5000 feet or 1524 meters) environment 
>where he receives more radiation than he would at sea level.  He just a 
>vandal who delights in causing damage to other peoples property.  His 
>mother is just an 'enabler'.  Why was he carrying a weapon?
>Ed Baratta
>edmond0033 at comcast.net
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>>BOULDER, Colo. — A man caught puncturing the tire of a Boulder police car
> > and who is accused of slashing tires on about 50 other vehicles through
>>city told police he blames "radiation" from Rocky Flats and his relationship
>>with his mother for the vandalism spree, police said Friday.
>>Alexander Kabelis, 31, of Boulder, was arrested Thursday night on suspicion
>>of criminal mischief and carrying a concealed weapon.
>>She said the man's final rationale was that "radiation poisoning from the
>>Rocky Flats production facility" caused him to target the tires.
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