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Jess Addis ajess at clemson.edu
Fri Nov 13 20:16:02 CST 2009

"I stopped obstetrics and surgery and any hospital work many years ago because hospital bureaucracies, require cook-book care (like the present bills accepted by Dem leaders)."

Thank you. That you took this opportunity to give some insight into your political views in interesting. 

"cook-book care"?  You mean like making sure the person being x-rayed or otherwise exposed to diagnostic procedure using ionizing radiation was not pregnant? 

That's not cook book care IMHO, it's proper procedure, following a protocol to help ensure No HARM. It helps to weed out error by otherwise harried individuals trying to do their jobs and provide care for suffering patients. 

No, I'm not in the health care business, but we used that "cook book" stuff to keep from making mistakes in important things like operating nuclear reactors, .... and stuff.

What was the reason you "stopped obstetrics and surgery" again?

Larry Addis, RSO
Clemson University

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