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The better one was "We are from the Government and we are here to help 

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> His comments reminded me of The Test to Identify Your Best Friend -- 
> take your significant other and your dog out to the car and place them 
> both in the trunk. Return an hour later, open the trunk, and see who's the 
> happiest to see you
> Best,
> Maury&Dog
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> Cary Renquist wrote:
>>The NRC dating service? - Fedline - The Federal Times Blog - federal
>>news, government operations, agency management, pay & benefits
>>The NRC dating service?
>>November 17th, 2009 | HR Management Uncategorized | Posted by Steve
>>LoseySteve Steve Losey Name: Steve Losey
>>It seems like everybody's got a new idea for attracting new talent to
>>the federal government these days. But Jim McDermott, chief human
>>capital officer of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, thinks he's found
>>a foolproof way to convince young engineers to come to his agency: Find
>>them dates.
>>"There are incentives, and then there are incentives," McDermott told a
>>crowd of human resources officials at the HCMF Conference in Arlington,
>>Va., earlier today. "When we're hiring, we say, 'Is there a significant
>>other in the picture?' If there's no significant other, I tell them, 'We
>>can help.' "
>>McDermott said his unorthodox recruitment pitch works because while
>>nuclear engineers may know how to split atoms, they're not quite so
>>adept on the dating front:
>>"Now, engineers study a lot in college," McDermott said. "They neglect
>>very important extracurricular activities. My girls went to school with
>>engineers, [and] they said, 'Dad, they don't know how to dance, they
>>don't know how to dress, they don't even know how to talk.' "
>>Engineers may not necessarily become better dancers by taking a job at
>>NRC, but McDermott said they can meet other single engineers (who
>>probably won't roll their eyes at Star Trek or lectures on reactor
>>cooling systems). McDermott said NRC's dating scheme - which he jokingly
>>called "NRC Harmony," after the eHarmony online dating service - has so
>>far resulted in about eight or nine weddings.
>>McDermott's comments made me think of the sitcom Big Bang Theory, which
>>features hopelessly nerdy theoretical physicists and their often-failed
>>efforts to find romance. McDermott said he's seen bits of the show,
>>which hit close to home: "I thought I was watching something on the
>>Cary Renquist
>>cary.renquist at ezag.com
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