[ RadSafe ] How to stop deadly iPhone radiation

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
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You fellows better be careful ... Dog is already losing patience over 
these yellow dog democrats. Are you now suggesting that we will have 
blue nose independents? Gee whiz, will the problems never end! How will 
the blue bloods view these developments? And what is Dog supposed to do 
with two radons when he finds them? Maybe feed them to the neighbor's 
cats ....

By the way, we aren't too worried about the nuclear power, DU, 
plutonium, etc., but those high voltage power lines!!!! Boy, better 
watch out or add another layer of foil...

Dan W McCarn wrote:

>Lieber Franz and Mike:
>You wrote this just as I was training my dog to sniff Radon!  He's great at
>finding sulfides e.g. trace amounts of H2S, but I thought that I'd bring him
>to the "niveau suivant" by training him on Radon.  I've even tried using a
>Zinc Sulfide (Ag) pre-treatment spray for his nose so that his olfactory
>system would scintillate with alpha emissions! This also saturates and
>extinguishes response to sulfides. In a dark room, his scintillating blue
>nose is something to behold!
>If I'm successful, perhaps I'll move on to human trials...
>Dan ii
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>Mike and other RADSAFErs,
>I understand your reaction since I have been during the aftermath of the
>Chernobyl accident also been confronted with a person, who offered his help,
>because he could "feel" the radiation. I very politely thanked him for his
>offer, telling him that we had enough people to do all the analysis (which
>partly was not true, because the numbers of analyses necessary and those
>required were far apart). I told him that I would call him, in case we
>needed him - he did not leave a telephone number. I think he was happpy.
>The person I described was obviously insane. The same is obviously true for
>the person you describe.
>I feel sorry for this kind of people, stricken with paranoia, schizophrenia
>or other mental illness. I do not assume that you wanted to ridicule the
>person you were in contact with. 
>What I really do not like is the attempt of some people who are close to
>paranoia trying to convince the population about the tremendous dangers of
>nuclear power, DU, plutonium etc. Etc. Etc. But they are considered to be
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>I once had an "interesting member of the public" call to complain that
>he was being attacked by the x-ray telescopes on Hubble and Skylab (when
>I pointed out that Skylab de-orbited decades ago, he said, "That's what
>they want you to believe!")  He said they were shooting at him from low
>on the horizon, so they could get through the eye holes on the LEAD
>shield he made to wear on his head.  I told him that if he could get a
>note from his doctor confirming his injuries, I would get right on with
>making the attacks stop.  I did not point out the possible hazard of
>having lead in contact with his skin, as I judged that to not be in the
>top ten of health issue he needed to address.
>Oddly, I never got the note from his doctor. 
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>Is it OK for Dog and I to punch eye holes in our foil helmets? We are
>having great difficulty feeling our way to our water bowls. And what do
>I do with his ears? We sure hope global warming stops soon -- these
>things are awfully hot in this summer weather. But they are pretty --
>they glow so beautifully in the afternoon sunshine Best, Maury&Dog
>(Maury Siskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com)
>Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:
>>The article "On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An 
>>Empirical Study" http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/ is as nice 
>>a bit of research as you could hope for from MIT students.  If 
>>experiments on other aspects of radiation were as well done, we would 
>>all be better off.  Or at least more amused.
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>>I heartily recommend wrapping many layers of aluminum foil TIGHTLY 
>>around your head for psychosomatic mind-control blockage.  Especially 
>>around your nose and mouth... that will soon take care of the
>>Tongue and cheekily,
>>Joel Baumbaugh
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>>In case you don't want to spend $60 US (or if you don't have an 
>>iPhone), here's the low budget device as pictured/suggested in the 
>>article that also has the added benefit of blocking electromagnetic 
>>psychotronic mind control carriers:

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