[ RadSafe ] Proposed Article about the Vast Conspiracy Against The Truth About Depleted Uranium (Was Feedback Requested)

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 03:34:56 CDT 2009

Paul Zimmerman was on such a roll with the self-publishing of his
magnum opus about depleted uranium that he decided to test an article
he wrote about the "conspiracy" preventing the real facts about DU
being put out in the public eye and I told him that he was part of the
conspiracy.  He appears to have been very hurt.  That's really too bad
because sometimes the truth is painful.  He uses the typical
anti-depleted uranium crusader wiles.  Anyone who tries to explain
radiation in a scientific manner is a conspiracist in league with the
devil.  He fails to understand that he is carrying on a propaganda
campaign begun by Saddam Hussein because he did not like his tanks
being destroyed at long range by DU kinetic energy penetrators during
the first Gulf War and because he knew he could excite the Greens and
Peace Activists by the evils of the US/UK using radioactive material
to do that job.  If Paul, really wanted to do scholarship on the
subject, he would actually learn the science and examine all of the
actual research that has been done since the 1991Gulf War, not just
continue to parrot the propaganda and speculation that has been
thoroughly disproven by international scientists.   I invite any of
you who want to seriously review his "book" to join with me in
demanding a review copy so that we can reasonably determine how much
if any of it is fact and what is fiction and offer constructive
criticism to improve the factuality of the book.



I am insulted that you call your work "scholarship" and if you want people
who disagree with you to offer sincere criticism, then provide copies of the
book; we make no money off of this, why should you?  We also have no funds
to purchase books such as yours just so that we can review them.

Far as no evidence, I have what little you have let out and your decided
bias against truthfully reporting the subject.  I sincerely doubt that you
have truthfully identified who you are.  It is rather odd that you spring
forth with a book, but have not corresponded on the subject over the past
four years.  That either makes you an opportunist or a pen name for someone

You want me to review your book, send me a copy.  I am in the book.

Roger W Helbig
Richmond, California

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From: Paul Zimmerman [mailto:pzimmer3 at rochester.rr.com]
> Sent: Monday, October 05, 2009 3:38 AM
> To: Roger Helbig; Paul Zimmerman
> Subject: Re: [Know_Nukes] Feedback Requested
> Roger!
> I am insulted that you are so quick to condemn someone's sincere
> scholarship with your uninformed slander.  You have absolutely no
> evidence as to the truth or falsehood of my work because you have not
> taken the time to investigate it.  I sent you an article with the hope
> that if there was anything factually wrong with it, you would correct
> it.  in response, you spewed nothing but insults and accusations.  You
> didn't even wade into the intellectual rigor of attempting to make
> sense of what I wrote.  Point out to me the "known lies" in my work if
> you want to have a discussion.  Every fact in my book is referenced.
> Scientists in other parts of the world are awakening to the realization
> that the current theory of radiation effects is in disrepair and needs
> to be reworked.  Part of my intention in writing my book was to bring
> their "science" to North America where vested interests refuse to
> acknowledge it.
> Your venom poisons the water, and prevents understanding of the issues.
>  Look in the mirror.  It is you sir who are the troublemaker.
> In All Sincerity
> Paul Zimmerman

> On Oct 1, 2009, at 11:47 PM, Roger Helbig wrote:
 Paul, if that really is your name,

 The very first sentence does not apply to people who point out the
 errors in thinking by people such as you.  The "web of deceit" as you
 call it consists of you, Paul Zimmerman, who thus far has failed to
 identify what qualifications if any that you have to discuss the
 subject and may very well be a pseudonymn such as Peter Eyre or that
 believed to be used by Ted Weymann (Upsilquitch), Asaf Durakovic,
 Christopher Busby, Leuren K Moret, Douglas Lind Rokke, Bob Nichols,
 Peter Dearman, Cathy Garger, Wesley Rehberg (under the spell of
 Rokke), Felicity Arbuthnot and others.  Every single one of you
 deliberately transmits known lies in mass quantities on the internet
 and makes every possible effort to silence anyone who points out the
 fact that what you have to say has no scientific basis and distorts
 reality.  Many of you, like you, intend to make a personal profit from
 sowing this deceit.  No one can read or criticize your book without
 buying it.  You are not a scientist and you are pretty much an unknown
 to the discussion just like Peter Eyre who burst on the scene with
 false claims about Israeli use of depleted uranium in Gaza and has
 been allowed to continue unfettered (even costing one courageous
 editor her job) on the Palestinian Telegraph in London by the owner of
 that website who offered me his personal mobile phone number in the
 UK, but I have no way of calling it.

 I know all of these players because I have been researching what I
 have come to call the "anti-depleted uranium crusade" since I was
 slandered all over the world nearly five years ago by Rokke and his
 mouthpiece Nichols.  I have learned who actually knows what they are
 talking about, have read many publications, and have come to know the
 liars and the lies.  Now, Mr Zimmerman, just exactly who are you and
 what are your qualifications to spew this venomous hate material all
 over the world.  The people on Know_Nukes, many of who actually make a
 sincere effort to understand the pluses and minuses of nuclear power,
 radiation and other related subjects, deserve to know the answer.

 Roger W Helbig

 I am a concerned Vietnam Era Veteran, retired Air Force Reservist (I
 retired in 1994 ten years before I encountered lies about DU during
 the Kerry Campaign in 2004), who is concerned that this "web of
 deceit" is going to get us killed because it may convince some Arab
 kid perhaps yet unborn to pay the US/UK back with a "crude nuke" for
 poisoning his/her homeland forever when that never happened.  There is
 no "They" directing me - that is a figment of Felicity Arbuthnot's
 imagination planted there by Leuren Moret, who I directly was
 confronting in a small claims court trial over a sewer line and a
 destroyed back fence.   Moret and Nichols were brought in by my
 neighbor because we countersued for the destroyed fence and his
 harassing us by pouring salt on our front lawn among other things -
 anyone who would like to know more about this case that Arbuthnot
 clearly was fed slanted information about by Moret - can find it in
 Contra Costa County Superior Court or write me - Arbuthnot puts it in
 non-existent Richardson, California - the City actually is Richmond -
 the neighbor lost, but I began in-depth research of Moret as a result
 of her being dug out of the internet as an "enemy" of mine by the
 despicable neighbor - I make a maximum effort to link up with people
 who share my concerns and who have information to contribute - I am
 tenacious and I don't give up!

 One final comment - no one pays me - I pay no one else - this is a
 deadly serious hobby - I also sign my real name because I stand behind
 what I have to say - I have an international reputation as a "truth
 teller" from my whistleblowing days and when I began to blow the
 whistle all I had was my "good name".

 Now, Paul, if you were really on the level, which you are not, you
 would offer a copy of your "book" to every member of this list - you
 could put it up on the web - your purpose is to educate, is it not,
 not to profit from someone else's misfortune.  I sent you a request
 and you politely told me to go buy it - I have no budget for such
 things - this takes an enormous amount of my "free time" -

 I look forward to your proving me wrong!

 On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 9:00 AM, pzimmer3 <pzimmer3 at rochester.rr.com>
> Hi!
> I recently posted a message regarding a new book I published on
> depleted uranium.  The discussion that ensued was extremely
> informative and very helpful to me.
> I have just written an article and feedback would be welcome.

Depleted Uranium and Fraudulent Science
 by Paul Zimmerman

A sophisticated web of deceit hinders humanity from understanding how
 the debris of depleted uranium weapons produces sickness in exposed

The truth is that a sophisticated, well funded (perhaps by Saddam
Hussein's stolen
millions, Saudi donations to Hamas, or other sources) web of deceit
makes every possible effort to confuse humanity and manipulate their
fear of "radiation" into claims of widespread sickness and birth
defects all over the world as a result of the use of depleted uranium
tank-killing kinetic energy penetrator munitions in the 1991 Gulf War
, the Balkans to kill Serbian tanks that shelled civilian market
places in Sarajevo and other locations, and in Iraq in 2003.  This web
of deceit, aided by well meaning, but naive peace activists, began
with a propaganda campaign by Saddam Hussein after the Gulf War  that
was aimed at making the US and UK out as bigger ogres than he had
been despite his having gassed the innocent citizens of Halabja.  His
regime began attributing all cases of cancer and birth defects to
 depleted uranium instead of the likely true causes and the peace
activists believed him because they did not know any better and wanted
 to believe that Saddam was good and the US/UK was bad.

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