[ RadSafe ] Disturbing News from Flyby News

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Thu Oct 8 05:23:10 CDT 2009

This blatantly anti-nuclear/anti-depleted uranium e-mail newsletter is
bragging about its penetration of the European market – the disinformers are
winning because the scientists are ignoring them while the misinformed and
scientifically naïve flock to them


Flyby News - <http://www.flybynews.com>www.FlybyNews.com

Editor - Jonathan Mark

07 October 2009


Editor's Notes: The following contain some updated links at FN. Lately,
FlybyNews.com is getting about six to seven times more page visits from The
Netherlands than from the US. For this month, the US ranks behind: Spain,
Great Britain, China, and Romania. With this lead story, I am quite thankful
for an international appeal to FN independent news. Our overall stats for
the month of September, 2009 - Unique visitors: 2536; Number of visits:
3988; Pages 82383; Hits: 86459;

Bandwidth: 3.11 GB. It is like Greek to me.. but I trust in more than I can
understand. This top story placed under Breaking News is BIG. It reveals the
fact that the invasion of Iraq failed to control the oil-specialized wealth
domain by corrupt criminal Administrations. This excerpt by Robert Fisk
explains much about our current predicament and threat for more hostilities.


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