[ RadSafe ] Al Jazeera English - Cancer in Southern Iraq and Depleted Uranium

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sat Oct 17 09:22:23 CDT 2009

Oct. 17

         To Ahmad Al-Ani:

         Who "proved" the link between DU and cancer and where were 
his findings published?  Please provide a full citation, preferably 
to journals published in Europe or North America.  (As a rule, I do 
not have access to Middle Eastern journals.)

Steven Dapra

At 06:04 AM 10/17/2009, you wrote:
>I can only wonder what on god's green earth you want people to join 
>you and complain about? First, It is not the "locals" who proved the 
>link between the DU and cancer, and second, the extremely poor 
>"quality" of their reporting can only be improved by scientific 
>facts, which you faild to offer in response.

>Ahmad Al-Ani, MS DABR Nuclear Engineer and Radiation Physicist (yes, 
>another Al-Ani)

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>and Depleted Uranium

>Please, join me in complaining to Al Jazeera for the extremely poor 
>quality of their reporting in this now widely circulating piece. 
>Press.int at aljazeera.net 
>http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2009/10/20091012122745236765.ht ml
>Doctors in Iraq are recording a sharp rise in the number of cancer 
>victims south of Baghdad. Sufferers in the province of Babil have 
>risen almost tenfold in just three years. Locals blame depleted 
>uranium from US military equipment used in the 2003 invasion. Some 
>500 cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2004 alone. That figure rose 
>to almost 1,000 two years later.         In 2008, the number of 
>cases increased sevenfold to 7,000 diagnoses. This year, there have 
>so far been more than 9,000 new cases, and the number is rising. 
>Mosab Jasim reports that Iraqi researchers believe radiation is 
>responsible for the increase in cancer and birth defects in the 
>country, but he says the US and British militaries have sent mixed 
>signals about the effects of depleted uranium. However, Christopher 
>Busby, a British scientist and activist who has carried out research 
>into the risks of radioactive pollution, said there is proof of a 
>definitive link between cancer and depleted uranium. "I made this 
>link to a coroner's inquest in the West Midlands into the death of a 
>Gulf War One veteran ... and a coroner's jury accepted my evidence," 
>he told Al Jazeera. "It's been found by a coroner's court that 
>cancer was caused by an exposure to depleted uranium. "In the last 
>ten years, research has emerged that has made it quite clear that 
>uranium is one of the most dangerous substances known to man, 
>certainly in the form that it takes when used in these wars. 
>Includes interview: Abdulhaq Al-Ani, author of Uranium in Iraq.

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