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J. Marshall Reber jmarshall.reber at comcast.net
Sat Oct 17 15:40:09 CDT 2009

Conclusions: Exposed populations
Limitation on human intake of soluble depleted uranium compounds  
should be based on
a tolerable intake value of 0.5 μg per kg of body weight per day, and  
that the intake of
insoluble depleted uranium compounds should be based on both chemical  
effects and the
radiation dose limits prescribed in the International Basic Safety  
Standards (BSS) on
radiation protection. Exposure to depleted uranium should be  
controlled to the levels
recommended for protection against radiological and chemical toxicity  
outlined in the
monograph for both soluble and insoluble depleted uranium compounds.

General screening or monitoring for possible depleted uranium-related  
health effects in
populations living in conflict areas where depleted uranium has been  
used is not necessary.
Individuals who believe they have been exposed to excessive amounts of  
depleted uranium
should consult their medical practitioner for examination, appropriate  
treatment of any
symptoms and follow-up.

Young children could receive greater depleted uranium exposure when  
playing within a
conflict zone because of hand-to-mouth activity that could result in  
high depleted uranium
ingestion from contaminated soil. This type of exposure needs to be  
monitored and
necessary preventative measures taken.

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