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Syd, solid scintillators work OK without any coupling compound, also without 
any reflectors
on the non PMT sides, but they work better with both. ZnS(Ag) screens are 
scintillators, and
they do are not used with optical coupling compound.

George Dowell

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>I looked for something, even qualitative, and could not find anything 
>interesting.  I found some stuff related to fiber optics that surprised me 
>(not as big an improvement as I expected), but I do not know how that 
>applies to scintillation detectors.  I do not *think* a scintillation 
>detector will work at all without coupling compound.
> Syd
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>> On Oct 17, 2009, at 4:21 PM, Syd H. Levine wrote:
>>> I finally got around to writing a page about optical coupling 
>>> compounds:
>>> http://www.logwell.com/tech/servtips/optical_coupling_grease.html
>>> Comments or criticisms needed and much appreciated.
>> It would be useful to quote in quantitative terms the actual light 
>> transmission improvement of using the coupling compounds.
>> Unfortunately I am unaware of such data.
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