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I thought this might interest other Radsafers -- based on a recent discussion topic.....


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The report below is from the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society.  It's about a debate that took place in the Town of Peace River (in the Province of Alberta), last night, between Dr. Helen Caldicott MD and Prof. Duane Bratt.  

Peace River is located near the proposed site for a nuclear power plant that Bruce Power wants to build in northern Alberta.


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Greetings from Peace River 

As of 20:30 tonight the Debate is over and I am summarizing here the highlight for your info. 
The debate went smoothly without the slightest disturbance or interruption of the speakers. These were the best behaving anti-nuclear people I have ever met. 
The Facilitator did a more than perfect job in enforcing order in this a learning session for open minded people. Since he is a gold medallist in Bench Press nobody argued.  The presence of several Mounties (police) was also a factor in having a perfect and balanced discussion. 
There will be a video DVD available very soon of the entire 2.5 hours, to see and believe. 
We were expecting 200 people but, at the end, the room was packed and people were outside in the hall. It  was decided that we had more than 500 people---a perfect turnout from all neighbouring communities. The pro-nuclear and neutral people, who had been intimidated by the anti-nuclear activists, and hence withdrawn, came out in droves. 
Expenses anticipated were half of those that I budgeted. 
Before the session we had a meeting: PRES, myself, the two speakers and the facilitator, and agree on every point of the process. All the points agreed, it went as planned: No surprises. 

- The facilitator set the tone and informed that he will not tolerate disturbance and explained to the people what to 
- Brenda Brochu spoke for 5 minutes welcoming the people and thanking CNS for helping to put together the session 
- I spoke for 5 minutes to explain about CNS, why we are there and thanked Brenda for inviting us 
- Duane spoke for 30 minutes, and he did a fantastic job 
- Caldicott spoke for 30 minutes, and she also did an excellent job in avoiding the areas where Duane had pre- 
 empted her, and she fear-mongered about cancer quite extensively. 
- There was a break for 15 minutes where people went and got a cup of coffee & treats and passed by our info table and Caldicott's table. Caldicot sold 30 books. Our table unloaded 240 technical packages, 200 books "World Energy" and about 200 of the booklets and the other CNA hand-outs.  This success was due to Tom Tarpey being there with his pro-nuclear T-shirt and explaining to people, and my wife Donna pushing info material because she didn't want to have to carry back 18 boxes of paper that we took up here. 

-.The intermission was followed by Duane's rebuttal that was spectacular in points and manner. 
- Caldicotte's rebuttal was not up to par, but it was fairly good. 
- According to the plan people were writing their questions for the speakers and ushers were picking them up and 
  bringing them to Brenda and me to select 5 questions for each speaker. The rest of the questions I will be answering to each person individually in their email address that had to be provided with each question. 
- The 5 questions to each speaker lasted 30 minutes. We would have done better for this portion if we had a technical person deal with the technical questions. In-spite of this, even the technical questions session went OK. 
-  At the end I gave Caldicott a present...- a book by Gwyneth Cravens.  The same present got Brenda Brochu and the facilitator Dr. Darwin Eckstrom.  If there is going to be some more debates or discussion, Darwin should be the choice. 

At the end people came by our table and picked up some more info, asked questions and thanked us for being 
   there.  The Mayors stated that they will be voting some money in the future to assist financially with more sessions along these lines. 
-  Overall it was a good debate, and we gained a lot by mobilizing and informing the pro-nuclears and the neutral 
   people of the area.  Had we not come, Caldicott would have the people go home and wait to die from cancer. 
   Duane did a fantastic job in neutralizing her in many points. We should try to use him again in the future. 
   Tomorow, I will meet the editor of Zero Mile. 



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