[ RadSafe ] "different risk/advantages in different populations" - Right on! (Radiation Can Cause Heart DiseaseAnd Stroke')

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So true that, "- different risk/advantages in different populations" - 

Have you heard about the statistician who drowned - 

wading across a stream that averaged 1 foot deep? 

The danger from central command health care, worse than the bureaucratic costs 

of this Chicago protection racket, is that dictation of standard care for rarely standard individuals. 

With ionizing radiation, think of the usual benefit of sunshine, vitamin D 

and the frequent damage of skin cancer to individuals with overdose. 

Howard Long 

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My apologies: an inherent weakness of the media.  If we had been face-to-face you would have seen a slight quirking of the corners of my mouth, indicating a moderate level of tongue-in-cheek.   

I recognize that there is indeed nothing like good enough data readily available to account for, or possibly even identify, all of the confounding factors.  In the United States we don't even have a truly comprehensive death registry, let alone a centralized health records database (and it is not readily apparent that the proposed database will allow for this kind of data-mining).   

Add to this the possibility that there might ACTUALLY be different risk/advantages to particular exposures in different populations and in regard to different health effects (different types of cancer, pathogens, autoimmune conditions, stress reactions, etc.), I suspect that the data would have to be modeled in a 20-or-30 dimension space, making trend spotting a challenge. 

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"Fairly easy"?????? "Once all confounding issues are accounted for"... 
Indeed  it is a very complicated study  to perform. In an ecological design 
you can not account for confounders and in a cohort study or even in a case 
control study one can not rely on computerized registries to include even 
the most basic confounders like smoking status or family history or co- 
morbidity like hypertension... Actually those factors are much more 
significant than low dose radiation exposure... 

Dov Brickner   MD   
Beer Sheva Israel 

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This should be fairly easy to verify by looking at long term residents 
of areas with different background levels, and seeing if there is a 
trend, once all confounding issues are accounted for.   

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