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Hello all,

I don't have much information on this topic but you can find an article at the web address below.

American Journal of Public Health (August 1950) :

In this article you can read that these static eliminator bars contained 25 or 50 µg of radium 226.

Some Ionotron with radium 226 were manufactured by US Radium Corps.

In France, you could buy a ionotron t.200 for around 20€ in 1960. 
For a total length of 15 cm, the active part had a length of 5 cm. In the safety sheet given with the ionotron, it was said that you were at the safe distance from the ionotron at 25 cm. Remember though that it was in 1960...

Unfortunately I couldn't find any activity numbers.

I hope this helps a bit.

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Does anyone have any information on the use of Ra-226 for static 
eliminators?  I have a colleague that found one that's approx 30" 
long, maybe ~100 uCi.  There's no printed (engraved, etc.) information on it.

Any information would be appreciated.  Yes, I know Po-210 is common 
now, but this is clearly Ra-226.

Brian Rees

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