[ RadSafe ] Seeking exempt quantity sources donation.

Bill Rowan browan at self-powered.com
Wed Sep 2 15:24:27 CDT 2009

Are you saying that an exempt distribution product, that has been INITIALLY
transferred in accordance with all applicable licenses to an individual;
that said individual is not able to sell, or transfer the item?  

There are hundreds of tritium watches and gunsights (exempt distribution
items) on ebay right at this moment that are for sale by individuals and
small jewelry stores.  

Is this a violation of the regulations?

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It says that in plain language, but the NRC also gives guidance that an 
unlicensed person may not "enter the sources into the marketplace", and 
further states that is is laughable that anyone would thing the rules 
mentioned above would
allow someone to purchase the sources from a licensed place, then give them 

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