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Does anyone have a bound collection of Industrial Radiography back to 1945?
According to the Defense Technical Information Center, an article that I am
looking for is in this publication.  One page of this article is believed to
be part of the infamous forged Memo to General Groves from 1943 that is
heavily cited by Leuren K Moret, Douglas Lind Rokke and their anti-DU
adherents.  Thanks.

Roger Helbig

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We do not have the article you cite, "(U) PROTECTION AGAINST X-RAYS +
GAMMA RAYS" in our collection.  All we have is a journal announcement.
At one point (but no longer) DTIC published announcements of articles in
scientific journals for the Defense science community.  We never
actually had the articles themselves in the collection.

The article you want was originally published in the journal, Industrial
Radiography; fall 1945.

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I am looking for this book which I understand may be the basis for the
attached forged document that is very prominently used by the
anti-depleted uranium crusade in its continual bombardment of the
internet and elected officials all over the world.  According to World
Cat, you may have a copy and it may have a different title.  I will
really appreciate any help that you can offer.  I am attaching the page
from the forged Memo to Groves 1943 that I believe is from this book.
Thank you. 

Effects of Gamma-Rays on People" authored by a "Dr. R. S. Stone
World CAT indicates that you have 



Ft. Belvoir Defense Technical Information Center JAN 1945.


Book : English

OCLC No 227249998


I have been looking at Mr. Rokke and his claims for depleted uranium for
some time. His acceptance by the "peace" community continues to baffle
me. His "Groves memo", while it does suffer from the "out of context"
flaw, is subject to much more fundamental criticism. The "Memo", as
presented by Rokke (hereafter the "Rokke Memo"), is itself a
fabrication. If you look carefully at the four pages of the Rokke memo,
several things cry out for notice. The pages are oddly numbered - there
is one "page 1", and three "page 2" sheets. They are typed with a mix of
Pica and Elite typewriters. There is no continuity in paragraph and
sub-paragraph numbering among the pages. The grammatical transitions
from page to page either extremely strained, or missing altogether.
There is no "signature block", a cardinal sin in military
correspondence. I was able to verify that the four pages actually come
from four separate documents. References for the first two pages comes
from "Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments' public meeting,
13-14 June 1994, Tab F. The second two pages are found in
"Correspondence ("Top Secret") of the Manhattan Engineer District
1942-1946" National Archives Microfilm Publication M1109, Roll 1. Page
one is the only page that is actually part of the original "Groves
Memo". The second (and last) page of the actual memo is missing in the
Rokke Memo, and shows the actual author of the memo to be K. D. Nichols,
Colonel, Corps of Engineers. The first "Page 2" of the Rokke memo is
actually the second page of a three-page summary written by the same
Colonel Nichols. The first page and the third page of this summary are
not included in the Rokke Memo. The document he summarizes is the
document actually written by Doctors Conant, Compton and Urey. The
second "Page 2" of the Rokke memo is from an seven-page document
entitled "Radioactive Materials as a Military Weapon". It was part of a
package of information used in a then "top-secret" project known as
"Operation Peppermint" early in 1944. This document is probably an
accurate version of the original paper written by the three scientists
above. The final "Page 2" of the Rokke memo is actually page 2 of
"Appendix I. Effects of Gamma-Rays on People" authored by a "Dr. R. S.
Stone". I hope some of this information is useful to you.

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