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If they REALLY want to change the hardware of a cell phone to save
lives, set it so the GPS chip disables the phone if it is traveling more
than, say, one mile-per-hour.  That way no one could talk on the phone
while driving.  That would also stop them from using their phones in any
vehicle, whether they are driving or not, but I personally will accept
the sacrifice.

"Harkin, who took over the committee earlier this month after the death
of Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy, said he was concerned no one
has been able to prove cellphones do not cause cancer."

It is a shame there is no science literacy test for the Senate.

"Linda Erdreich of science and engineering firm Exponent in New York
said 50 years worth of evidence had failed to show that cellular phones
can cause cancer.

"This part of the spectrum is known as non-ionizing radiation," she told
the hearing, explaining that this means radio waves cannot damage the
DNA in cells.

But Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter pressed her on this, asking her
repeatedly whether science had conclusively proved there was no
connection. "Your statement that it is hard to prove a negative is right
on," Erdreich replied.

"What comes through to me is that we just don't know what the answer
is," said Specter, a cancer survivor who said he avoids white flour and
sugar in case it might feed tumors."
Someone should point out to Sen. Specter that tumors might feed on fat,
protein, carbohydrates, water, and oxygen, so he should avoid those,
too.  Actually, what tumors feed on is ignorance, and we would all be
better off if he decreased his levels sharply.

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This why I am pleased to be a Science Wars (Paul R. Gross, Norman
Levitt, et alii) 'warrior'.

 From a different time and topic, "It's not the weight of the evidence,
but the seriousness of the charges."


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iowa senator Tom Harkin, newly empowered to
investigate health matters as chairman of the Senate Health, Education,
Labor and Pensions Committee, promised on Monday to probe deeply into
any potential links between cellphone use and cancer.
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