[ RadSafe ] Looking for "Triceps (R)" for planchet handling

McCarty, Mike (DEQ) MCCARTYM1 at michigan.gov
Tue Sep 15 13:51:56 CDT 2009

I am trying to locate a supplier of "Triceps".  The clever name most
frequently is used to refer to a muscle in the human body.  But for my
purposes it is a three-fingered device (functionally equivalent to
forceps) to securely grasp and lift 2-inch diameter planchets in the

I got precisely one hit on an internet search:
Universal Technical Products, Inc.
853 Broadway #1004
New York, NY 10003
Phone:  212-260-0115

Unfortunately the phone number is not a working number.  Incidentally,
that is the company name printed on the side of the two remaining
devices that we have in the lab.

Does anyone have a current contact for Universal Technical Products or
the name of a company that may have purchased them?

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