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Riely, Brian P. brian.riely at ngc.com
Tue Sep 15 14:38:19 CDT 2009

I really do not believe the person meant 1 mph because the average
person walks 3 to 4 mph.  Of course, denying passengers the ability to
use their cell phone is ridicules, especially in the cases of

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When 'they' really decide to end this foolishness, a bill will be voted
to outlaw oral conversation by drivers and require the exclusive use of
sign language -- or perhaps smoke signals with which they also could
warm the coffee and hamburgers.

The chip suggestion would be too wasteful of gasoline -- envision the
traffic jam when you must slow to 1 mph in order to call home!
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Strickert, Rick wrote:

>"If they REALLY want to change the hardware of a cell phone to save
lives, set it so the GPS chip disables the phone if it is traveling more
than, say, one mile-per-hour.  That way no one could talk on the phone
while driving."
>Such a GPS-disabling feature would prevent passengers in cars, trucks, 
>taxis, buses,
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