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I understand some people are worried about the frequencies in the 
"microwave" range. Many regard 900 MHz and up as the "microwave" region. The 
900 MHz band was commonly used by many sources. Power levels are far greater 
than cell phones. One to maybe 5 Watts for hand helds, 20 to 45 W for mobile 
sources and around 90 Watts for a repeater. 1.2 GHz is also a communications 
band. 2.4 Ghz is also a communications band and is a WiFi band. 5.8 GHz is 
common in cordless phones. I don't remember the frequency, but it is 
microwave, for burgular alarms and I think door openers (doppler systems). 
So if exposure to microwave radiation is of concern, ditch the cell phone, 
cordless phones, blue tooth and WiFi. Stay out of a number of public places 
that use microwave burgular alarms. I think some may keep the RF on, but the 
alarming electronics off!

I have a handheld transceiver that is about 1 W out and sometimes use a 
small Uda-Yagi design antenna with about a 10 dbi gain for an ERP of close 
to 10 W. Of course by the nature of the design, the director is always away 
from my body. The reflector element is closest and the ERP "off te back is 
down by nearly 20 db or about 10 to 20 mW ERP.

My point is that there is a long history of the use of microwaves and as 
such, if there were health issues, they should be relatively obvious. Beware 
the Luddites!

George Andrews, RRPT

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> George Andrews said:
> "There is a very long history of
> this which will document the safety record of this activity. Why should 
> cell
> phone (radio communication) be any different?"
> George, it is the frequency that is the concern. Cellphones are in the 
> microwave frequency range.
> George Dowell

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