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This has to do with the nature of a civil trial.

It has been my experience that even if a contaminant is well below an MCL
(maximum contaminant level) and water is safe as drinking water, if it can
be demonstrated that a company with deep pockets using an offending
substance likely or possibly contributed that contaminant to a water supply,
then that company may be required to pay damages.  In civil court, the
notion of "safe" levels or even ANY level of exposure sometimes goes out the
window.  Even possible exposure may suffice for the wrong kind of jury by a
plaintiff seeking damages.

I was involved in a litigation in Georgia where 1 well of 15 or 20 municipal
water wells was slightly contaminated by a chlorinated solvent in the low
ug/L range, but well below the MCL of that substance. The well water was
diluted to such an extent that it was undetectable on the plaintiff's side
of town, yet they still received compensation. Furthermore, it was never
demonstrated that the company's use of solvents in any way contributed to
the water well.

There is almost no way to properly adjudicate these cases (in my opinion)
unless they become the domain of a independent regulatory body, because
civil courts and juries are all too often drawn to the terrible consequences
of a disease such as colon cancer rather than the facts of the case.

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Another article and place of posting of the Busby 2 ½ hour “expert”
testimony that convinced Coroner’s Jury that DU caused death of solider from
colon cancer – 


Any RADSAFE member who would like a large document that Busby prepared for
this inquest and sent to me, just drop me an e-mail and I will send it on –



rhelbig at sfo.com




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12. Bishop dings Interior chief over foot dragging on records request—Thomas
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Energy Department to halt depleted uranium shipments—Thomas Burr, SLT
9/16/09 ...
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