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Surely you jest!  With a title like "A Primer in the Art of Deception", it's
BOUND to sell well.  If the consequence of promoting such blatant
mis-information about uranium (or depleted uranium) wouldn't have such
wide-ranging and far-reaching detrimental effects for the world's
inhabitants it might be a pretty entertaining fiction novel to read.
Unfortunately, some readers won't recognize it for the fiction that it is.

It defies imagination that a few individuals like this who can "see through
all the lies" can impugn the integrity of the thousands of career health
physicists who have dedicated their lives to sound science and radiation
safety over the past 60 years!

Mark Miller

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I have requested a free review copy, but I don't really expect him to send
one.  It looks real slick but is probably totally short on science and
full of the usual lies.  What would cause him to even put out such a book;
has not the subject already been beaten to death?

Roger Helbig

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I'm writing to announce to the group that a new book, which I authored,
has just been published on the subject of depleted uranium.  Its title is
A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons
and Fraudulent Science. It's a science book, written for the layperson,
detailing how science has been falsified to serve the political interests
of covering up the health effects of internal contamination by
radionuclides from nuclear weapon testing, commercial nuclear power plants
and DU weapons.

In response to worldwide concern about uranium contamination, a number of
humanity's guardian institutions published "purported" objective studies
on uranium toxicity.  These included the World Health Organization, the
Royal Society, the European Commission, and the Agency for Toxic
Substances and Disease Registry under the auspices of the US Department of
Health and Human Services.  As if authored by a single human hand
operating under a host of pseudonyms, the unanimous conclusion in these
works was that the only possible endpoints of concern from DU exposure
could be cancer, due to uranium's radioactivity, or kidney disease due to
uranium's heavy metal effects.  BUT, depleted uranium could cause neither
of these due to the fact that the dose of radioactivity from internalized
uranium is too low to produce cancer and too insignificant as a heavy
metal to produce structural or functional changes in the kidneys.  Case
closed!  Weaponized uranium
 represents no hazard to exposed populations.

A Primer in the Art of Deception analyzes this argument in depth and
clearly demonstrates that these supposed scientific works are a product of
fraud, issued to obstruct understanding of the true health consequences of
low levels of radiation in the interior of the body and the toxicology of
uranium as a heavy metal.  One very lengthy chapter, running 230 pages, is
titled "The Most Heinous Crime in History: The Betrayal of Mankind by the
Radiation Protection Agencies."  It describes how a fraudulent science of
radiation effects started to be developed during the 1950s to quell
concern among the population about weapon testing and to protect the
government from liability from illnesses produced in downwind
populations.  This corrupted science was then drawn upon to cover-up the
effects of routine and accidental releases from commercial nuclear power
plants and the nation's nuclear weapon production facilities.  The same
corrupted science is being used
 today to hide the radiological impact of low levels of inhaled debris
from depleted uranium weapons.  In any radiation exposure, victims want to
know their "dose" and the "risk" this exposure represents for
initiating illness.  These two key concepts have been ingeniously
corrupted to always "prove" that an individual exposed to radiation in the
environment does not receive a dose greater than the maximum
permitted dose and that no negative health consequences will result. 
Further, the current science of radiation effects has been crafted so that
the only possible medical endpoint of concern is cancer.  This party line
has always prevented a link being established between DU's radiation and
Gulf War Illness.  However, there is abundant evidence in the
published literature, particularly since the accident at Chernobyl,
demonstrating that radiation can produce a host of debilitating medical
effects in addition to cancer.  The science pointing to
 this alternate understanding of radiation is conveniently suppressed by
the official organizations posturing as guarding humanity from radiation

A second chapter of the book directly addresses those documents written in
DU's defense.  It is titled "The Harlot of Babylon Unmasked:  Fraudulent
Science and the Cover-Up of the Health Effects of Depleted Uranium." 
First, the false claims that DU can only produce cancer and kidney disease
are meticulously deconstructed.  This is followed by an extensive review
of current research in uranium toxicology.  Ignored by the "definitive"
works on uranium, this body of research clearly reveals that uranium is
genotoxic (capable of damaging DNA), cytotoxic (poisonous to cells),
mutagenic (capable of inducing mutations), teratogenic (capable of
interfering with normal embryonic development) and neurotoxic (capable of
harming nerve tissue).

Excerpts of the book are available at www.du-deceptions.com.

I hope that the knowledge now in print will ignite many interesting
discussions within the group.

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