[ RadSafe ] how many "gamma knives" in the US ? - An off topic add on.

Robert J Gunter rjgunter at chpconsultants.com
Wed Sep 23 10:32:38 CDT 2009

Interesting that there are as many Gamma knives in Dallas,TX as all of

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The google list at:
shows 93 locations in the US.  That same site does total  3 in Canada.

Forbes, John wrote:

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>Subject: [ RadSafe ] how many "gamma knives" in the US ?
>Anyone on Radsafe know how many "gamma knives" there currently are in 
>the US ?
>....in Canada, it appears that there are only three: the first was 
>installed in Winnipeg (2003), the next one in Sherbrooke, Quebec (2004) 
>and the third in Toronto, Ontario (2005).
>Any additional info would be welcome.
> Jaro

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