[ RadSafe ] how many "gamma knives" are needed in the US ?

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Wed Sep 23 14:07:03 CDT 2009


I think your original question was been answered in the meantime. But I
would like to raise a related question, namely: How many are needed? There
have been hard discussions about CT and its extreme radiation doses to the
patient and connected to this the question was, whether the need to finance
the huge investment would raise the number of CT's taken. (I am convinced
that this is the case!!!) So I think another good question is, how many
gamma-knives are actually needed in a certain area - which depends of course
on the number of cases to be treated. I understand that gamma-knives can be
only used for a very limited number of cases, which also are rather rare. (I
am sure that there is somebody on RADSAFE who can give more information.)

However, my question of how many gamma knives are needed is connected to my
country, Austria. The first gamma knife ordered and installed was some 20
years ago in Graz, the capital of the province of Styria. (A "Province" in
Austria might correspond to a "State" in the USA, at least for its legal
status, though by far not by size.....) How terrible! How could a province
install the newest equipment ahead of Vienna, which is not only legally a
"Province", but also the capital of all of Austria! It did not take a long
time and a gamma knife was installed in Vienna. At this time it was clear
that there were not enough patients for both installations, but they had to
be taken in from our surrounding neighbour countries. I have never read
again about this topic in mass media, but I wonder, what the "load factor"
is now!

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Betreff: [ RadSafe ] how many "gamma knives" in the US ?

Anyone on Radsafe know how many "gamma knives" there currently are in the US

....in Canada, it appears that there are only three: the first was installed
in Winnipeg (2003), the next one in Sherbrooke, Quebec (2004) and the third
in Toronto, Ontario (2005).

Any additional info would be welcome.



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