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Mark Sonter sontermj at tpg.com.au
Tue Apr 13 19:34:15 CDT 2010

Franz, Mike, et al:

Regarding use of SI units, I totally agree.

Whimsically, might I suggest to our oldfashioned units users, that 
surely for (non-SI) consistency, the unit for radon in air should be 
'picocuries per cubic foot'....or maybe 'microcuries per barrel'....

Regarding radon daughter attachment to clothing etc:  I remember thirty 
years ago working at the Narbalek high grade uranium mine in the 
Northern Territory of Australia; a colleague (one Victor Leach) and I 
had been out pre-dawn, trialling a mechanical Tsivoglou Method Radon 
Progeny detector, the atmospheric conditions were dry and dead calm, and 
we came back to the changeroom, where upon frisking ourselves we found 
our hair and our hardhats were just loaded, loaded, with alpha counts....

And by the way, I think we should all just ignore Mr Salsman, or 
whatever he calls himself today...

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