[ RadSafe ] Chernobyl Radiation Killed Nearly One MillionPeople: New Book

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I strongly agree with Roger that professional organizations such as the HPS, ANS, EPA, DOE, the National Academy of Sciences, UNSCEAR, and even the NY State Health Department and CT Departments of Health have a professional and ethical obligation to contact the NY Academy of Sciences and rebuke the NYAS for giving the distorted claims of the book in question any credence.

Every scientific organization which has examined the distorted claims of activist scientists like Ernest Sternglass over a period of decades, and the nonsense put out by the Tooth Fairy Project of "Radiation and Public Health Project"  and the RPHP's general claims such that it was "found that in the early 1990s, a few years after the meltdown, thyroid cancer in Connecticut children had nearly doubled" has found their tired arguments totally unsubstantiated by balanced evaluation. These claims are unsupported by the data, but who cares?

If you look at my former post, I think that NY Gov. Patterson was so taken by a photo op with Christie Brinkley that he can not see, or understand, the foolishness and distortions in the claims of the RPHP and other organizations which pursue their same goal to shut down all nuclear plants at any cost,  or stop any movement toward the building of new reactors despite the environmental, climatic, and strategic incentives. These group's blind and fixated "war" against the atom, is at the heart of their "science".  Conclusions first, selective science to support the claim later. As has been said countless times, "In war, truth is the first casualty". 

Take a look at Gov. Patterson with Christie Brinkley:

As the RPHP website writes about their meeting with Gov. Patterson :


Meeting with Governor 
On August 21, 2009, Governor David 
Paterson met with RPHP Board members   Christie Brinkley and Joseph 
Mangano in Southampton NY.  Christie and Joe   informed the Governor 
about RPHP research on health hazards of emissions from   nuclear 
weapons tests and reactors.  The meeting continues RPHP efforts to   
disseminate its findings, to ensure that public policies best protect 
public   health."

Gosh, it all sounds so reasonable, and Christie Brinkley is such a photogenic spokesperson for the RPHP.  It's no wonder even the Governor of NY wanted to be in a photo with her.  Who cares about science?  Perhaps we can invite Brinkley as a Plenary Speaker to an upcoming meeting of the HPS. The HPS would probably have record attendance if she were to come to a meeting. 

I always remember in these kinds of situations, the famous quote by Mark Twain:
"A Lie can race its way around the world, while Truth is still tying its shoes".

Indeed. It was true in Twain's age, and even more true now that anti-nuke nonsense can be spread instantly via the net, and professional organizations seem incapable of acting promptly, or even taking any official position.

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According to 


> book costs non-members of the NYAS $150!  Commenting on this book does not 
> seem to be the obligation of individuals but rather the responsibility of a 
> number of professional scientific organizations.

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