Clayton J Bradt CJB01 at health.state.ny.us
Mon Aug 2 08:42:13 CDT 2010

"...any animals showing contamination levels higher
than 600 becquerel per kilogram must be disposed of. But in some areas of
Germany, particularly in the south, wild boar routinely show much higher
levels of contamination. According to the Environment Ministry, the average
contamination for boar shot in Bayerischer Wald, a forested region on the
Bavarian border with the Czech Republic, was 7,000 becquerel per kilogram.
Other regions in southern Germany aren't much better"

Assuming consumption of one pound of boar meat per week (that's a lot of
ribs!), 600 Bq/kg comes out to about 20 mrem per year. 7,000Bq/kg comes out
to about 200 mrem/year (all rounding to one significant figure).  As has
been said, the consumption of that much pork raises far greater health
concerns than the radiation dose!

Clayton J. Bradt
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