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Howard Maccabee, PhD, MD radiation oncologist, 

 needed thousands of CTs to accurately locate cancers 

he burned out (prostate, breast, etc). 

He responded to, "one of the most important -- but most frightening 

 -- articles I've read  " in "Cancer Risks Associated with CT Scanning" 

 Dachs, American Family Physician, 81,2,1/15/10, 111-114, referring to 

 Computer Tomography - An Increasing Source Of Radiation Exposure, 

Brenner, NEJM 2007,;357,22. 

Entertain and enlighten a meeting of health physicists with 

his half-hour presentation (DVD available from; 

DDP 1601 N. Tucson Blvd # 9 Tucson AZ 85716, 

ddponline.org, or 520 325 2680). 

 For example, new background radiation data adds 

av. 20 mSv (0.2rem) from radon, so 1 CT has < 2 years 

of usual background radiation - and where most radiation - least cancer. 


Maccabee refutes, with excellent slides, the Brenner-Dachs fearmongering.  

Howard Long 

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 "over doses" 


The techs are taking a beating on this, but its the docs and the 
physicists who screwed up.   Of course we are talking about diagnosing a 
stroke in progress so the pressure to use the technique even in doubtful 
situations must be overwhelming.  Still, not understanding the output 
parameters of the new equipment is unforgivable. 

Clayton J. Bradt 
Principal Radiophysicist 
NYS Dept. of Health 

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