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radbloom at comcast.net radbloom at comcast.net
Tue Aug 10 17:14:42 CDT 2010

I was going to write a long, boring treatise on this topic, but it really just boiled down to: 

- Some of us represent only ourselves, not companies or causes or organizations or anything else when we post our notes, and we use this list to learn and on occasion to be amused and alarmed. 

- My guess is that few, if any, of the posted notes are peer-reviewed by folks at the listed affiliates . 

- I have been contacted off the list, when someone wants to know more about my radiation-safety-related credentials. 

Perhaps that's the way to go. 

It would be sad if those contributors, who have no meaningful (as far as the RadSafe list goes) affiliations were deemed less than worthy of joining the fun. 

Back to lurking, 

Cindy Bloom 

a self-employed, not-so-much-affiliated, U.S., certified health physicist 

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